Weddings at the Lodge

The lodge is the ideal secluded romantic location to hold your wedding. The lodge’s hall is nestled in the trees situated on the high banks of the Little Southwest Miramichi River. The beauty of Mother Nature’s natural setting surrounds the log cabin style hall. The Hall can accommodates up to 100 people, but fits comfortably 80 which allows space for a small band or DJ. The Hall is available year round.

Mi’kmaq Games

A traditional game called Waltes is being taught to the Metepenagiag Heritage Park Staff. The staff had a great time learning and playing this ancient game.

Women’s Retreat

Women’s Retreat – Empowering Women in Silence Cultural teachings, healing sessions, craft workshops, fun activities and more. Open to all women.


The Tourism Association of New Brunswick held a two day conference on responsible food and beverage server training through Emerit. There was a great turnout.