Nature Viewing

With our excellent location in central New Brunswick the area wildlife is spectacular.

The bird populations around the lodge are healthy and so are the deer populations, be careful when driving in our area.

Bear and moose require more time and patience to observe so make sure to bring a camera, sometimes these animals are spotted wandering around our yard and along the river here at the lodge.

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Two National Historic Sites

Metepenagiag Heritage ParkThis world class cultural tourism facility showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Mi’kmaq people of Metepenagiag.

The park pays tribute to honouring and reflecting the Mi’kmaq way of life of more than 30 centuries and celebrates the Mi’kmaq of Miramichi, and the inseparable connection to the land at Metepenagiag and the river that have sustained this enduring community.

The Lodge and the Park are partners and will work together to customize the perfect package for you.

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Culinary Fishing

The Miramichi River system consistently has produced good numbers for its anglers and now we invite the public to join us here in Red Bank at our lodge, and fly fish in some of our best salmon pools.

Those fortunate will find us located at the head of tide on two rivers with our lodge guests being the first anglers to throw a line or two at these magnificent fish.

Bring your own gear! Fishing season opens mid April and closes in October.

Culinary Fishing Experience


  • 2 nights accommodations
  • Traditional indigenous dinner
  • Guided fly fishing experience
  • Noon lunch and guided tour of park and walking trails at which time you will collect ingredients for the evening meal of which you will participate in.
  • In the morning you will enjoy a chefs hot breakfast

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Cultural Tipi & Ookdotaan

In ancient times our ancestors established a village where the Little Southwest and the Northwest Miramichi River meet. The village was called Metepenagiag and here, for nearly 3000 years, generation after generation flourished. The river provided an abundance of fish while the forests offered shelter and many other necessities of life. We invite you to visit and experience our aboriginal culture here in Metepenagiag.

The involvement of our elders, a renewed spirituality and our nationally recognized heritage sites (the Oxbow and the Augustine Mound), have combined to awaken our past, to rekindle our cultural pride and to offer hope to our future generations. Our hospitality and our lodge is a symbol of what we can accomplish as a people.

We at Red Bank First Nation invite you to sample our rich cultural heritage. Metepenagiag – tjitjagamitj eimootltjig – Where Spirits Live, brings you in touch with this unique place and a special people. Come sit down and relax in our lodge and view our award winning movie” The Village of Thirty Centuries.” Various art work from local crafters is made available throughout the lodge for our guests to admire.

We’re located in the comfortable confines of the Metepenagiag Outdoor Adventure Lodge and staffed by nationally certified interpreters who will be delighted to tell the story of Metepenagiag. At the end of your tour relax and we’ll share refreshments.

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